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Ken Pu

Associate Professor, Computer Science
Faculty of Science, UOIT


Graduate Students

Mohamed Helala

PhD Candidate
(co-supervised with Dr. Faisal Qureshi)

Adele Hedrick

Master of Science

Michael Ferron

Master of Science


Undergraduate Students

Peter Hoggarth

Bachelor of Science

Adam Lieu

Bachelor of Science


Current Research

Open data over the Web

Vast quantity of data has been released by governments and institutions for public consumption. These datasets are readily accessible in their raw forms. However, in most cases, the schema of the data sets are either missing, incomplete or inaccurate. Our interest is to support global queries involving vast number of such open data sets.

Pervasive and mobile databases

Data sources are becoming increasingly pervasive. In order to adapt to the highly distributed and realtime nature of personal data, we are interested at the design and implementation of database management systems that can quickly organize and report data via portable mobile devices.

Code as databases and queries as programs

Millions of lines of code are accessible via Github, Google Code and many over open source repositories. It’s quite exciting to think of the software repositories as another instance of Big Data. We are interested in applying database management methods to software code indexing and analysis.

Human database interaction

The past decade has been marked by amazing advancement in human computer interaction ranging from the popularization of touch screens to innovation in gesture based input devices (such as Leap motion) to novel displays (such as 4K monitors, Occulus and Google Glass). We are interested at investigating the impact HCI hardware has the ways we interact with databases. In particular, we wish to address the issues of data visualization and interactive query answering.




Journals & Book Chapters


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Peer Reviewed Conferences & Workshops

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Book chapters

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