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Ken Pu, Ph.D. (Toronto, 2006)

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I am a professor in Computer Science at a Canadian university. My job description is very open ended.


A large chunk of my time is spent on the education of computer science. Normally, I teach four undergraduate courses on a variety of topics in computer science. Given that my expertise is in systems, my teaching is usually limited to systems courses such as Compilers and Databases.


I do research in database. I like how broad database can be, and it allows me to work on a wide range of problems. I worked on projects ranging from database on mobile devices to managing open data from different countries. More recently, I am working on managing logical constraints using databases.

This Blog

I don’t like social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, G+) because they don’t support scientific writing at all. I think one day I might work on a social network for scientists. Until then, I share my ideas here.

Think of the writings here as my twitter feed.

2 Summer School 2018

I am running a summer school on the topic of Web programming using Clojure.

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